Adventure Lights Guardian™ Bike Light

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• Available in Red or White
• Ultra Lightweight variable angle bike mount
• Belt clip included
• Highly cost effective
• Omni-directional light (visible from all sides)
• Directional light visible up to 5km in darkness
• Dual mode - steady-on or flashing
• A simple twist of the lens turns the unit on and off
• Flashing - up to 250 hours of operational light per set of batteries
• Steady-on - over 11 hour’s bright light and 100 hours of operational light per set of batteries
• Lifetime led (rated at 100,000 hours)
• High impact resistance - extra tough optical dome
• Rugged - designed to withstand being driven over by an average car
• Operates in temperatures from -40°C to +50°C
• Ultra compact - measures 41.0x52.3x31.0mm
• Ultra lightweight - just 20g/0.7oz. Including clip and batteries - will not restrict movement
• Optional base units and attachments allow easy fastening to clothing or equipment


Type: Clamshell

Size: 130x200x30mm

Weight: 86g

Contents: Red Guardian™ Bike Light, Variable Angle Bike Mount, Rubber Strap, 2x Cable Ties, Belt Clip & GuardianTM Battery Pack


dimensions Dimensions: 41x33x33 mm

Field of View in Degrees FOV: 180°

Weight in grammes Weight: 38g

Battery Type & Quantity Battery: 2 x CR2032

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Adventure Lights Guardian™ Bike Light
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